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Wrestling Moves

A button moves
Kick (while standing)
Clothesline (while running)
Flying Splash Over Top Rope (running while opponent is on floor)
Pin opponent (while opponent is on mat)

B button moves
Kick (while standing)
Knee Lift (while running)
Double Knee Drop (while on top rope) Pick up opponent into grapple position (while opponent is on mat)

Grapple Position
Note: Unless otherwise noted, all wrestlers have these moves:
Brainbuster (Up + A)
Piledriver (Down + A)
Belly-To-Back Suplex (Left + A/Right + A)

Other Moves
Run (double-tap left button/double-tap right button)
Irish Whip (while in grapple position: Left + B/ Right + B)
Grapple (walk into opponent)
Body Slam (B/Up + B/Down + B)

Wrestler's Finishing Meneuvers
Fighter Hayabusa
Back Brain Kick (A while in front of and slightly below opponent)

Giant Panther
Iron Claw (while in grapple postion: Left + A/Right + A)
Headbutt (while in grapple: Down + A)

King Slender
Backbreaker (while in grapple: A)

Kin Korn Karn
Karate Kick (while standing: A)
Mongolian Chop (while standing: B)

Somersualt Dropkick (While in grapple: Down + A)
Flying Cross Chop (while running: A)

The Amazon
Pirahna Bite (while in grapple: Left + A/Right + A)
Outlaw Choke (while in grapple: Down + A)

Credit goes to DKeith's FAQ on GameFAQs for the moves.